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Purchasing Service - Since 2009, Qvbai supply professional one-stop purchasing service.
Self-purchasing - Order goods from China shopping website by yourself and ship to our warehouse.
Piece-purchasing - Customers can piece the orders which are in pending status with free domestic shipping cost.
To China Address - Present gifts to your friends in China. Or send to the hotel which you are located.
Logistic Service - Multiple international logistics solution, low shipping discount.

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新品 尺寸大号26小221days ago

新品 尺寸大号26小22

  • ¥268.00
  • 1days ago
  • 包bao工厂
新品 尺寸251days ago

新品 尺寸25

  • ¥168.00
  • 1days ago
  • 包bao工厂
新品 尺寸261days ago

新品 尺寸26

  • ¥198.00
  • 1days ago
  • 包bao工厂

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International Shipment[+More]

  • imahica's parcel OS2019012000000 send to Philipines, The
    Sword was only bubble wrapped. Box was received bent which caused some of the paint to chip off and the blade was bent.
    Express Company:China Post Air Parcel 0.990KG
    External Package: good
    Internal Packaging: care less
    Packaging Speed: 1-2 days
    Delivery Speed: more than 2 weeks
    Tax In Customs:False
  • ferrenck's parcel OS2018091700000 send to Brazil
    Good service, correct shipping. Just a hint, pack the glass jars better. One of those who came broke and leaked all the content. The rest everything ok. Thanks
    Express Company:China Post Sea 2.915KG
    External Package: good
    Internal Packaging: good
    Packaging Speed: 1-2 days
    Delivery Speed: more than 2 weeks
    Tax In Customs:True
  • djamilia's parcel OS2018111900000 send to Kazakhstan
    2 months to Alma-Ata. Otherwise very good. Thanks.
    Express Company:China Post Air Mail 0.770KG
    External Package: Very Well
    Internal Packaging: Very Well
    Packaging Speed: in 24 hours
    Delivery Speed: more than 2 weeks
    Tax In Customs:False