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Purchasing Service - Since 2009, Qvbai supply professional one-stop purchasing service.
Self-purchasing - Order goods from China shopping website by yourself and ship to our warehouse.
Piece-purchasing - Customers can piece the orders which are in pending status with free domestic shipping cost.
To China Address - Present gifts to your friends in China. Or send to the hotel which you are located.
Logistic Service - Multiple international logistics solution, low shipping discount.

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赤旗镇 新中式仿古古典小凳子中式软装 矮凳 坐凳...1hours ago
旅行丝巾女多功能夏季新款防晒披肩沙滩巾海边度...1hours ago
创意树脂摆件复古工艺品家居装饰品摆设佛手佛像...2hours ago
创意树脂佛像人物线香香具 香台香座香架 香托香...2hours ago
创意摆件家居饰品佛像装饰品禅意摆设品新房客厅...2hours ago
20mm*25mm 臼井灵气魔法四元素紫晶白水晶黑曜能...2hours ago
天然水晶七色脉轮白水晶 紫晶黑曜青金蓝纹东陵米...3hours ago
leana瑜伽生活者瑜伽垫专用背包棉麻材质瑜伽垫收...4hours ago
瑜见瑜伽垫背包单肩瑜伽包帆布耐磨简约瑜伽垫袋...4hours ago
omma系列 城市瑜伽包 瑜伽垫套袋健身包单肩运动...4hours ago
hiyoga SIGEDN瑜伽垫专用字母背包帆布材质瑜伽...4hours ago
密宗八吉祥真言卧香炉纯铜色藏式香炉供佛线香炉...4hours ago
【厂价直销】仿古香炉 檀香盘香炉点香盘香托 沉香...4hours ago
我的英雄学院cos绿谷出久轰焦冻蓬松款绿黑渐变co...7hours ago
艾丽丝 长直发cosplay动漫假发万用 100cm 女 古...7hours ago

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International Shipment[+More]

  • xxx's parcel OS2018052100000 send to South Africa
    Thank you very much for speedy parcel. very good service
    Express Company:EMS 1.900KG
    External Package: Very Well
    Internal Packaging: good
    Packaging Speed: 3 days or more
    Delivery Speed: more than 2 weeks
    Tax In Customs:True
  • djamilia's parcel OS2018041600000 send to Russian Federation
    Everything is Ok. Thanks!
    Express Company:China Post Air Parcel 2.970KG
    External Package: Very Well
    Internal Packaging: Very Well
    Packaging Speed: in 24 hours
    Delivery Speed: more than 2 weeks
    Tax In Customs:False
  • imahica's parcel OS2018032300002 send to Philipines, The
    Next time please do not separate the wig caps from the wigs.
    Express Company:EMS 20.000KG
    External Package: Very Well
    Internal Packaging: Very Well
    Packaging Speed: 1-2 days
    Delivery Speed: 5-7 days
    Tax In Customs:False