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Purchasing Service - Since 2009, Choobuy supply professional one-stop purchasing service.
Self-purchasing - Order goods from China shopping website by yourself and ship to our warehouse.
Piece-purchasing - Customers can piece the orders which are in pending status with free domestic shipping cost.
To China Address - Present gifts to your friends in China. Or send to the hotel which you are located.
Groupon(Coming soon) - bulk buy, make discounts to the more violent.
Logistic Service - Multiple international logistics solution, low shipping discount.

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DIY手工辅料 纱质木耳褶皱花边 12色套装促销1hours ago
DIY手工辅料 纱质木耳褶皱花边 12色套装促销3hours ago
外贸 糖果色DIY发带 木耳花边包边带弹力包边条 ...3hours ago
外贸 糖果7色提花双层包边条/包边带/超软 冲冠...3hours ago
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薄软提花松紧带 弹力包边条 6色 超漂亮3hours ago
2014外贸新款 M/K手表 劳款无历 5色MJ女士手表男...4hours ago
新款外贸双排钻日历 真皮表带多色 非MJ/手表 男...4hours ago
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diy手工辅料 双层弹力包边带 宝宝用柔软包边条14...4hours ago
DIY辅料可对折薄软宝宝可用弹力包边带1.4-1.7CM...4hours ago
T-056外贸出口成品窗帘布 高档卧室飘窗窗帘 纯色...4hours ago
外贸热销MARC BY JACOB 可爱青春版字母手表 MJ手...4hours ago
原白色 红色 黑色 包边条 包边带 蕾丝花边 手工...4hours ago

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International Shipment[+More]

  • adenilton_adg's parcel OS2014100800000 send to Brazil
    very well packed and secure
    Express Company:DHL 0.902KG
    External Package: Very Well
    Internal Packaging: Very Well
    Packaging Speed: in 24 hours
    Delivery Speed: 7-14 days
    Tax In Customs:True
  • huaiwenjing's parcel OS2014081100000 send to Canada
    Express Company:EMS 0.583KG
    External Package: Very Well
    Internal Packaging: just ok
    Packaging Speed: 3 days or more
    Delivery Speed: 5-7 days
    Tax In Customs:False
  • yoitekirkland's parcel OS2014091900004 send to Italy
    Express Company:DHL 10.770KG
    External Package: Very Well
    Internal Packaging: Very Well
    Packaging Speed: 1-2 days
    Delivery Speed: 5-7 days
    Tax In Customs:True