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  • Taobao Agent +Detail
  • Choobuy is an agent of Chinese online shops, such as taobao.com. We can buy on your behalf, check items after receiving, provide free warehouse, and offer discounted International Postage. Choobuy applies itself to providing the best service and cheap Chinese products for you.
    Brief introduction of Choobuy process: 
     1. (user) place a order--pay the order --> (Choobuy)handle--buy --> (seller) send items—items arrive --> (Choobuy)check--item in choobuy warehouse

    2. (user) place International shipment--pay the shipment --> (choobuy)handle—deliver --> (user) receive

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  • Why choose Choobuy
  • Professional Team
    We have a strong commitment with our customers, because we understand that when you are looking for an agent of Chinese online malls, you are looking for serious and honest people. We know that one of your top priorities is to make transactions safe, for which you are willing to find out the reliable Taobao agent.
    We are rooted in honesty, serious trade, open dialogue, and professionalism. We clearly understand how critical it is for you to find an agent that you can trust and build a long-term business relationship with. We could be one of your best choices for purchasing agent in China. We would like to help you go through the purchasing, a field in which we are experts! We try our best to provide the unbeatable customer service.
    We have been a Taobao agent for about three years. We started to make this service available to our first customer in 2008. Realizing that demands for our service increased progressively, we decided to create our Choobuy Website, a solid platform where customers can 'sign in' and manage all of their purchase orders. Through these years we have grown up the experts in our job. Customers’ satisfaction is the biggest motivation behind Choobuy team’s hard work. So every time you place an order, it is our commitment to make your satisfied.

    Lowest Fee
    We ensure that you will find our Service fee is the lowest one among other Taobao Agents. It is not only that we charge 10% of item cost, excluding China domestic postage in the calculation of service fee, but our exchange rate is also the most conservative (you will not find a better exchange rate than ours). Information provided to you is transparent. There is no hidden fee, no tricks about exchange rate or international shipping cost.

    We even have promotion sometimes to help you get the lowest cost for your overall orders. You will save money as much as possible on Choobuy!

    Run No Risk
    One of our responsibilities is to identify the credibility of the seller whom you are buying from on Taobao or any other online malls. If the purchase is risky, we'll alert you--- it is a part of our job! We will help you avoid being taken advantage by seller, and make the business safer.

    Cheap Products
    China is a large provider of products with cheaper price. For example, a doll may cost 10USD in the United States, but you can find exactly the same one on taobao.com at the price of about 3USD. And you may buy a lot of goods in your country, then find it is “Made in China”, so why not buy from China directly?

    The Largest Online Market in the World
    Up to the end of 2009, there has been 170 million registered users and more than 800,000 sellers on taobao.com. However, taobao is just one of the numerous online shopping malls in China. We are glad to introduce you other shopping sites to find your favorite items there. Please check the available sites on our homepage.

    Discount in International Shipping
    Since we are well experienced in this business, we have established a great partnership with DHL, EMS, Yanwen, China post, etc. We offer discounts for International shipping: DHL 50% off (excluding fuel surcharge), EMS 45% off (55% of original price), Yanwen 50% off, China post Air Mail (below 2kg) 20% off. You can check our International postage list for details http://en.choobuy.com/help/ShipPrice.aspx (price on it is discounted).

    In addition, there is a "discard box" option in the process of placing Choobuy shipment, which can help to make your package lighter and less voluminous. It results in saving more money for your International Shipping cost.

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  • Service Fee +Detail
  • Total = item cost + service fee(5%-10% of item cost) + domestic shipping + international shipping(+5% insurance fee* optional)

    Choobuy features:
    Stepped service fee: The higher price goods will have lower service fee rate (reference to http://en.choobuy.com/service/PlaceOrder.aspx);
    Value-added services & VIP: In case of limit buy or other emergencies, you could choose 'Urgent order'(servie fee 2.5CNY - 5CNY), our buyer will handle your order in first time. If you will buy something valuables or other reasons that you need to see the good's photos, you could choose 'take photos' service(service fee 5CNY- 10CNY), our warehouse manager will upload the photos at the first time when the goods arrive at our warehouse. Your VIP level will decide your value-added service fee.
    We do not charge service fee to domestic or international shippingcost, VIP3 will have more discount at international shipping.
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  • Receive No Account Activation E-mail
  • If you don’t receive our account activation e-mail, please check if your email’s Spam/Junk Box blocks it. Please click here to re-send the activation e-mail.
    If you still can’t receive our account activation e-mail, please email us from your registered email to service@choobuy.com. We are glad to solve the problem for you!

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  • Modify Order
  • If you have not paid the order and don’t want it, just leave it as it is, then place a new one. Unpaid order is not effective in our system, it doesn’t matter.
    If the order is already paid, please go to the order detail page, click "Message" button, leave us a message about what you want to modify.
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