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Self-service Shopping

This service is suitable to the customers who can directly buy from the sellers of Chinese Online shopping sites by themselves, such as taobao.com. Generally, customers have to be able to efficiently communicate with sellers in Chinese (written, or spoken if necessary), and have a Chinese bank card or a foreign credit card accepted by Chinese sellers.
Self-service Shopping Process:
1. (user) buy from seller by himself--> place a order on Choobuy--pay the order--> item arrive--(Choobuy) check--item in choobuy warehouse
2. (user) place shipment--pay the shipment--> (choobuy)handle--deliver--> (user) receive
If you use this service, please check Self-Shopping check-box in your Shopping Cart. Then you can buy items by yourself, and let seller send them to our location. Our address is:
趣拜代购+your Choobuy ID (registered email)
河北区 正兴里27门205
Zip: 300000
Cell Phone: 13512823717
Phone: 022-26414300

Important Notice
: Please describe the items in detail (Color, Size, Buy Number) in your Shopping Cart, so that we can check if seller sent the correct ones. And if possible, please better give us domestic tracking number of your package. You can fill it when placing order or leave us message by clicking “Message”.