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Service Fee

Total = item cost + service fee(5%-10% of item cost) + domestic shipping + international shipping(+5% insurance fee* optional)

Item cost: The price or discount price that shouwn in sellers' pages. Choobuy do not response for bargain with seller. If you are in hurry or the goods is limited time offer, we suggest you to choose 'Urgent order', if we could not catch the limited time offer, we will send you message to let you know, you need tell us if you still want buy at the new price.

Domestic shipping cost: Shipping cost from seller to Choobuy warehouse in Tian jin, China. If the goods is too heavy, we will send by the logistics way, it will be much cheeper than express, but will cost additionally pickup fee 30CNY for each parcel.

International shipping cost: including shipping, packageing cost, you will see options of different express companies and their price after you put your goods in delivery cart. It will not including the tax which your customs may charge from you after the goods arrive your country. VIP3 customers will have special discount on international shipping.

Service fee: 5%-10% of goods cost, reference to http://zh.choobuy.com/service/PlaceOrder.aspx . Value-added services is optional, including 'Urgent order' fee VIP0 5CNY,VIP1-VIP3 2.5CNY, 'take photos' fee VIP0-VIP1 10CNY,VIP2-VIP3 5CNY.

Insurance fee(optional): If the parcel lost on the way to you, most express company will pay at most 2 or 3 times of shipping cost, usually it will be far more less from the goods value. So choobuy have a fund to insure you will have 100% refund including all the fees and cost, the choobuy insurance cost is 5% of goods cost.

Choobuy features:
Stepped service fee: The higher price goods will have lower service fee rate (reference to http://en.choobuy.com/service/PlaceOrder.aspx);
Value-added services & VIP: In case of limit buy or other emergencies, you could choose "Urgent order"(servie fee 2.5CNY - 5CNY), our buyer will handle your order in first time. If you will buy something valuables or other reasons that you need to see the good's photos, you could choose "take photos" service(service fee 5CNY- 10CNY), our warehouse manager will upload the photos at the first time when the goods arrive at our warehouse. Your VIP level will decide your value-added service fee.
We do not charge service fee to domestic or international shippingcost, VIP3 will have more discount at international shipping.