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Q:我想问下那个支付宝在线充值 用国外信用卡 充值 是 直接冲进去支付宝 我的户口 还是 冲进去趣拜户口的2016-01-07 02:46
Q:Hello! I would like to buy the following item:http://world.taobao.com/item/520614877025.htm?fromSite=main&spm=a1z3o.7695460.14.93.W4OOtg, but the seller has not provided pictures. Can you ask him for pictures of the item? I want to verify what i buy.2015-11-20 07:17
A:dear, it is second hand, do you mind?
Q:hi i forgot my pay password hel me2015-11-12 03:48
A:dear, will send it to your mail brutalleny@hotmail.it, please check it in time, thank you :)
Q:手工铁皮汽车模型19世纪欧洲古典贵族马车铁艺装饰礼品家居收藏I want to know if this product is available to buy , I want to know if it is in stock2014-11-01 04:25
A:dear, better give us the link of this items, thank you
Q:Здравствуйте не будет проблем с покупкой такого товараhttp://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=40860026142&spm=2014.21554143.0.0http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=38762700340http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=40860026142&spm=2014.21554143.0.0 Здр2014-10-28 09:04
A:first it is second hand, please know it first, and second it is too long, can send, but very hard to send it out, if there is any problem at customs, then we won't return any money, if you agree, then can make orders
Q:just wondering, can you reduce and write the price under $50 on the package? So the customs won't give me big tax?thx2014-09-30 04:43
A:Yes, you can set that amount when you add a shipment.
Q:Д.Д.скажите,а как можно с вами связатся есть какие не будь контакты?cпасибо.2014-07-10 05:23
A:our mail: service@choobuy.com Skype: choobuy.com QQ:1417766232
Q:Добрый день.Хочю заказать д.каляску,интересует сколько по мимо цены за каляску мне обойдется дорога до алматы,и еще как происходит покупка-на аукционе или в каких то магазинах,зарание спасибо.2014-07-10 02:49
A:In total you need to pay item cost, service fee, freight in China and international shipping. About service fee, you can see http://en.choobuy.com/service/PlaceOrder.aspx, in the below of this page have a service rate table. About freight in China, usually it it 12-15cny for 1kg. About international shipping you can see http://en.choobuy.com/help/ShipPrice.aspx and http://en.choobuy.com/help/Estimate.aspx. But please pay attention, international shipping fee is cost with discount (the discount is that, which we get from express, then we will give you full of it)+ service fee (it is original price*10%), but about service fee, you still can get discount according to your vip grades.
Q:can I send this http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0d.6639537.0.0.wu1EDk&id=20997359903"tyre inflation and leak repairing solution" by SAL to Australia?Thank you!2014-06-05 06:27
A:sorry, this kind of items can't be shipped, it can't pass customs
Q:I don't understand about the payment. I have credit card but i don't have alipay account. i don't understand what is autopayment menas? and I have to select the value which is not the price i have to pay. What does it mean? Can you help me to pay with cred2014-03-10 05:11
A:dear, which order you said about? order number please
Q:我想问一下淘宝上的智能手机可以代购吗?2014-02-27 11:57
Q:您好~請問有件數或金額的限制嗎?譬如說一次最多代購10件商品或最多500元...等的限制?2014-02-19 09:49
Q:dear i just register choobuy as a new member,i've read the term and condition.but i have some problem do you mind to help me?actually i still want to order around 10 more pieces of clothes and bag but the prices is different from the origin link2014-01-07 11:41
A:dear, each order from one seller, so you can just use taobao's link to make order from our website.
Q:may i know that is it possible for me to order my more than 10 sellers of taobao and would choobuy send the item into 1 package to indonesia?2014-01-07 04:45
A:yes, dear, no problem, it is ok, because from one seller there is one order, when you want to ship them, you can choose
Q:can i ask my courier company to pick up my parcel from your company? where is your location?2014-01-02 04:36
A: we are in city Tianjin
Q:O2013112500038 特价新款 户外正品防风防水哥伦比亚冲锋衣 男款两件套 登山滑雪 подскажите этот товар пришел на склад?2013-12-24 02:52
A:ещё не получим, и проверили номер, это не до нас, спросите у продавца ещё раз, если номер правильно, пожалуйста
Q:при самостоятельной покупке не могу товар добавить в корзину2013-10-19 02:49
A:отправите ссылку, что вы хотите купить, пожалуйста
Q:Can I use the italian credit card "Postepay" to pay?2013-10-09 12:59
A:sorry so much, now only support visa, mater and JCB
Q:Здравствуйте. Вы обещали как можно быстрее поменять мой статус с VIP1 на VIP2, а статус до сих пор не поменялся?2013-09-25 09:54
A:сейчас все в порядке
Q:Если у одного продавца taobao покупается разный товар, как учитывается (минусуется) доставка по Китаю?2013-09-16 01:54
A:продавец отправим их вместе, то платить 1 доставку, но, если больше чем 1кг, надо платить дополнительный вес
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