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Q:我能通过趣拜用paypal直接向我的支付宝里冲钱吗? 然后我自己就可以通过淘宝买东西了。具体步骤是怎么做? 手续费多少。 谢谢!!2010-12-07 08:01
Q:I made a purchase and did not have a dress in stock, what should I do?2010-12-02 06:50
A:Hi, you can change the seller/item, or cancel it. Next time please reply the message in our systme directly. Thank you.
Q:你好,如果购买不足160元,国内运费我自付可以吗?2010-12-01 04:09


Q:Could you accept order from Taiwan website? http://tw.user.bid.yahoo.com2010-11-26 07:05
A:Dear, we can not open that link, if you need items from Taiwan, you can also search in Taobao.com, some of seller is from Taiwan, you may find what you need.The domestic postage cost from Taiwan to us may be more than from the other cities in the main land.
Q:Where are you located? I need to calculate how much the domestic shipping will cost for you. I need 10 packs of this: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=57150466052010-11-25 09:29
A:Hi, generally domestic shipping: first 1kg 10-12CNY, additional 6-8CNY/kg.  And we can't guarantee that food and drug can be shipped successfully, if there is some problem with custom, you have to take responsibility for that.
Q:请问代购有指定商家吗?还是自己自由选商家来购买满160元.请回复,谢谢.2010-11-24 10:00
Q:为什么我不可以安全退出2010-11-22 05:01
Q:I can not find on your site calculated shipping costs delivery goods to China.I wanted to buy goods,weighing 50 kg and valued 2000 y at 2000 yuan. how much will it cost delivery from the seller to you and from you in other parts of China?2010-11-18 08:35
A:Hi, yes, there is no price list of domestic postage on our website. Generally for domestic shipping, first 1kg 10-12CNY, additional 6-8CNY/kg.
Q:你好!请问如果我想在淘宝里同时向2位卖家购买东西,请问国内费用怎么算?国际费用又怎么算?趣拜的代购服务费又怎么算?2010-11-16 10:44
Q:为嘛都两星期了 还没有发货 太慢了吧 比中国风慢多了 气人2010-11-15 04:21
A:您好, 您订购的商品“乐敦莹——复方硫酸软骨素滴眼液”我们给您发了站内信,一直在等待您的回复,因为打开链接找不到您要的商品,请核对。因为您的订单都是一个卖家的,我们需要一起购买。请您在站内信回复我们,我们会尽快为您处理的。谢谢。
Q:我想自助代购,让商家直接寄到趣拜代购.收货人:自助代购+(您在趣拜代购的ID)请问ID是注册的帐号(邮箱)吗?2010-11-11 10:33


Q:I want the declared value is less than the real, because the fees in my country.How do I?2010-11-10 01:43
A:Hi, we'll write relatively lower value, please don't worry.
Q:Recently the "Russian Federation" entry had change the location at the "International Postage" (http://en.choobuy.com/help/ShipPrice.aspx) page. It now appears as "Mexico Russian Federation, The" - is it a mistake?2010-11-06 03:01
A:It means Mexico and  Russian Federation the price is ... means they are same price to ship to Russian or Mexico by EMS.
Q:Which company is YANWEN EXPRESS operated by in Russia? Is it Russian Post or someone else?2010-11-06 02:56
A:Yanwen express can not reach Russian now, sorry.
Q:Hi,I've made some mistakes in my order. How can I cancel orders which have not been paid for ?If sending funds by Western Union, I'm required to provide my ID and Payment ID ? What are these two IDs ?Thank You.Regards Thank you.2010-11-04 11:55
Hi,  it doesn't matter with the order unpaid, just leave them there and place the new one. If paying by Western Union, please tell us your Choobuy ID(Email); the "mtcn"(Money Transfer Control Number) of Western Union, full name of the payer, and the amount you remitted. Thank you.
Q:你好·我現在人在美國·也只有美國信用卡··請問可以通過你們幫我充值我國內的支付寶帳號嗎?還有具體流程是怎麼樣的呢?2010-11-03 01:15
Q:Hi! I am going to pay by PayPal, but ship to a friend who lives at a different address than the address registered with my PayPal. Please confirm you can ship the goods to my friend in Ukraine and ignore my PayPal address.Thank you.2010-10-31 03:08
A:Hi, is you need send to different address, please remember to remark the new address in your payment remark when you pay in paypal. Thanks.
Q:Hi again,I've bought many items from China and all of them was delivered by EMS. Can you check again because EMS can reach Bulgaria :)2010-10-27 02:58
A:Hi, we check again. Yes, EMS can ship to Bulgaria. We misremembered, sorry for that.
Q:Hi, I have several questions.If you can't ship with EMS to Bulgaria, you told me you could ship with China Express which is 5-7 days international shipping. But I can't see the price list for China Express. Could you give me more information? I2010-10-26 03:56
A:Hi, yes, there is no price list on our website yet. The price of China Express is 12% more than EMS. It is operated by EMS and TNT, which can usually deliver to the places that EMS can't reach. 
If your package is lost, and if you chose the option "Full Insurance"(5% of the item's price) when placing the order, we'll refund all cost of the deal. If you didn't choose that, we'll refund twice of the International postage.
We can mark relatively lower value of the package.
Our responsibility is to check and make sure that the item is the same as the pictures shown by the sellers online when we receive it.
Thank you.
Q:When I'm making new order it ask me to add Location of the item. I don't know Chinese. What should I add because the menu shows me only Chinese names.Thanks2010-10-25 05:29
Hi. You can click the "Quick Order" on our homepage to place a order. Then our system can get the information of the item automatically. So you don't have to make it manually.
But if sometimes it can't, it'll also need you to fill the order manually. Now our "Location" is still in Chinese, but it doesn't matter. You can just choose one at will. We can get the correct information from the link. Don't worry.
Sorry for inconvenience, we'll improve our system in the future.
Thank you.
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