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Q:Здравствуйте http://ru.choobuy.com/collect/CartProduct.aspx?cpid=160700 я отменила этот товар когда перечислите деньги на мой счет?2013-08-11 01:00
A:скажите номер заказа, пожалуйста
Q:may i know how much is the exchange rate from RMB-MYR?2013-08-04 11:01
A:dear, now 1usd = 6.1cny(rmb)
Q:Привет)) когда будет обработан мой заказ и когда оно отправляется??2013-08-03 07:36
A:мы купим как можно быстро
Q:Здравствуйте вы доставляете в Казахстан?? Я живу в Казахстане))2013-07-30 02:05
A:да, можно
Q:If we pay through alipay,do we need to create an account for it?Because I don't have one since I am not from China.2013-07-29 06:03
A:Hi, dear, if you want to pay via credit card, you don't need the account of alipay, just pay on our website, when you pay orders, just choose the logo of your card, please have a try
Q:hi dear, how do i top up my choobuy account via china bank transfer?thanks before :)2013-06-11 06:43
Please send money to:
Beneficiary's Bank : Industrial And Commercial Bank of China(SWIFT CODE:ICBKCNBJTJN)
Beneficiary's a/c no. :6 2 2 2   0 2 0 3   0 2 0 4   1 6 9 0   8 0 1 
Beneficiary:  Jiang Jin   
Note: In order to top up money to your Choobuy account in time, please send a Email to service@choobuy.com after transfering, tell us your Choobuy ID (registered Email) and payment ID (Including sender's first & last name, transfer amount, date, and bank).
Q:In basket of goods on stock worth the full price. How to put a low price on the stock?2013-05-17 06:01
A:Hi, dear, if seller has discount, then you can make order by this link: http://en.choobuy.com/service/PlaceOrder.aspx
Q:i need choobuy phone number for transfer using telegraphic transfer, can i have it? thanks2013-05-12 09:26
Q:O2013031900154 2013新款韩版男童套装女童春装婴儿童装宝宝春秋衣服装0-1-2-3岁 костюм детский颜色分类: 猫咪黄色建议身高(尺码): 领标L码 был отменен 04.04.2013г., но возврат за сервисное обслуживание не поступил2013-04-09 09:56
A:уже изменили
Q:O2013031900154 2013新款韩版男童套装女童春装婴儿童装宝宝春秋衣服装0-1-2-3岁 костюм детский颜色分类: 猫咪黄色建议身高(尺码): 领标L码 можно узнать пришел этот товар или нет?2013-04-02 12:45
A:это неправильный отслеживый номер, у вас правильный?
Q:все равно не проходит платеж картой VISA2013-03-16 06:18
A:вы не получили симвал карты?
Q:Hi, can help me for pay my order? how i can pay with alipay international?2013-03-07 04:00
A:Dear. alipay or alipay credit card? They are different, if use alipay, then you need to have account of alipay, if use alipay credit card, then just need the credit card, when you pay order, just choose the logo of your card.
Q:Hi, are u not use paypal again for payment?2013-03-07 03:45
A:yes, dear, sorry so much, now we don't accept any money from paypal, if you have credit card, you can use the method"alipay credit card", when you pay order, just choose the logo of your card, please have a try. :)
Q:hello, i want to know about my product estimate price before really order ithttp://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0k.1000783.2.40.UXi5oM&id=18078159723please reply soon2013-03-04 09:23
A:In total you need to pay item cost, service fee, freight in China and international shipping. About service fee, you can see http://en.choobuy.com/service/PlaceOrder.aspx, in the below of this page have a service rate table. About freight in China, usually it it 12-15cny for 1kg. About international shipping you can see http://en.choobuy.com/help/ShipPrice.aspx and http://en.choobuy.com/help/Estimate.aspx.
Q:Подскажите пожалуйста, у вас на сайте есть ссылка "Купить с другими вместе" и там покупают аккумуляторную батарею, а вы говорили, что они запрещены к пересылке?2013-03-02 03:40
A:да, ещё есть клиенты сделают заказ с такими товаром, мы скажим им и отменим заказ, ещё не можем купить.
Q:hi,could you tell me the differences between China Post Air Mail - China Post Air Parcel - China Post Sea - China Post SAL ?delivery estimate time , tracking number , max weight ? thanks2013-02-27 02:30
A:Hi, dear, all of them have tracking number, please don't worry. China Post Air Mail - the max weight is 2kg, so it is the method for package below 2kg, deliver time is about 3 weeks. And the max weight of others is 20kg. China Post Air Parcel - usually takes about 3weeks. China Post Sea - about 1-3 months. China Post SAL - more than 1month.
Q:можно узнать поступили на склад заказы №O2013020600000 и № O20130203000122013-02-14 12:29
A:Hi, dear, we checked, but no information from those tracking numbers.
Q:Hi can you give me the Chinese name (Jiang Jin) for the beneficiery person of the Industrial And Commercial Bank of Chinabelow. Can u let me know what to expect. I'm trying to transfer some money to my account (from New Zealand, can understand Chinese)2013-02-05 09:05
A:Hi, dear, in chinese jiangjin is 蒋金, sorry for answer you so late. :)
Q:заказ S2013011500122 - осмотр перед хранением, могу я его положить в корзину доставки?2013-01-30 12:18
A:It's ok now, sorry for waiting, dear.
Q:Where is the Payment password?2012-12-27 05:09
A:Hi, if you need a new one then please use your register mail to send us a mail to ask, we will change for you.
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