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Q:Do you provide tracking for China Post Air Mail ?2012-02-18 05:36
A:yes, you can choose China post air mail, it is ok.
Q:Добрый день. Подскажите, пожалуйста, я забыла платежный пароль, как его можно восстановить? Спасибо2012-02-17 03:27
A:Проверьте ваш почту, пожалуйста
Q:я хочу оплатить свой заказ - у меня есть остаток на счете и 145 интегралов - хочу их использовать - как это сделать? или вы сами можете списать? спасибо2012-02-13 01:59
A:когда вы платите ваш заказ, вы можете выбрать "использовать интегралы", 20интегралов = 1юань
A:Здравствуйте, мы не можем купить телевизор, потому что не можем доставить
Q:пожалуйста,расценки на China post большая посылка и допустимые габариты.2012-02-07 12:46
A:Вы можете смотреть: http://ru.choobuy.com/help/ShipPrice.aspx и http://ru.choobuy.com/help/Estimate.aspx
Q:http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=5473129294 куплю при отправке через China Post.если не подходит по размерам,можно ли его разобрать на 2 посылки,за отдельную плату?2012-02-03 10:35
A:http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=5473129294 Может быть, вы не можете. Потому что это неотделимо, вы можете доставить его через China post большая посылка.
Q:Hi dear! Can you recommend me a good wholesale children's clothing store?2012-02-02 05:10
A:Hi,dear, sorry so much, we can't give you any suggestion about that, you need to own choose it, you can find it on taobao, children's clothes in chinese is "童装". Please use it to try. :)
Q:можно отправить складной велосипед масса 14кг размер 73х18х58 китайской почтой2012-02-01 11:34
A:да, можно
Q:Hello!This page http://en.choobuy.com/help/Nationshipprice.aspx?key=germany says that shipping costs to Germany via Chins Post Air Mail is only 18¥ per 0.5kg, however, if I use the calculating tool(http://en.choobuy.com/help/Estimate.aspx) it is a lot2012-01-30 08:43
A:Hi,dear, please see from this page: http://cn.choobuy.com/help/shipprice.aspx, the start weight of China post air mail is 0.1kg, not 0.5kg, so 18cny is for 100g.
Q:我的货品几时才会处理?2012-01-19 04:17
A:您好,由于之前春节放假,所以现在才回复您,现在我们已经结束假期,一切工作恢复正常,所以我们会尽快处理您的订单,请不要着急,耽误了您的宝贵时间,实在抱歉。 :)
A:purchses service
Q:how much cost 1 kg by China Post?2012-01-11 12:17
A:you can see: http://en.choobuy.com/help/ShipPrice.aspx and http://en.choobuy.com/help/ShipPrice.aspx
Q:The size of curtains is necessary:Hello! I liked here these curtains http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=9735904956& It is possible for me to count completely cost of all complete set if my sizes:Height of 2,5 metersLength of 4 metersTulle of 52012-01-07 07:45
A:Hi,now this seller have new year's holiday, please change another seller or just wait.
Q:Please refund this: O2011121600005 thanks2011-12-24 01:27
A:Hi,dear, we checked and found that we have already refunded for you. Please check your balance and we will send to you a picture about refund, please check your mail.
Q:Hi i was just wondering if you shipped to a china address and how much it would be for around 2-2.5kg of goods2011-12-19 07:29
A:Yes, we can ship to a China address, it is ok. There are two way: first, when you make order, you can choose"ship to Chinese address",then when our buyer process your order, they will tell seller to send them to address you want, but if you use this way, we can't check for you. Second, all as usual, just when you make international shipment, you choose ship to Chinese address. The price deponds on which city do you want to ship.
Q:Hi, Please kindly refer the order placed : S2011121500024 The service fee is > 10%. Can you please advise?Thanks in advance.2011-12-15 03:49
A:Hi,dear,because you choose "take photo", it will be take 10CNY each order.
Q:Hi, I understand that the service fee maximum is 10%. but when I click the item.. the service fee shown > 10%.Please kindly advise.2011-12-15 11:32
A:Hi,if possible,please show us the picture, and tell us what you want to buy, tell us the link,thank you.
Q:I can not confirm the payment order2011-12-10 02:46
A:Hi,dear,have your problem be sloved? If still don't, please tell us some detailed informations, thank you. :)
Q:hello! I have a question! How can I buy the products and the products come directly to my address? and I pay you a fee!I want to place an order for your site but I want the order will come soon to my address! because the sizes that I paid you to me are v2011-12-06 11:37
A:Hi, if your address is address in China, then we can directly ship it to your address, if your address is international address, then you need to wait, first it will be shipped to our warehouse, and then you make international shipment and pay it, then we will ship it for you as soon as possible.
Q:скажите пожалуйста, нужно платить за то, чтобы фотографировать товар?2011-12-06 03:07
A:да, нужно, 10CNY.
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