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Q:And..I haven't this botton "quick order".How I can do it with my order, if I don't understand chineese language and provinces? With regards!2011-10-31 06:24
A:As the international gateway problem, we can't automatically obtain information now. So, now we don't have button "quick order". But we think that maybe, it will be ok soon.Now please try to use "Manual fill order". Write the item's informations by yourself. On the top of our home page have a form, you can copy your link, then paste it into this form, then you will have a big form. Please try to fill it. If you still have problems, please tell us. :)
Q:Thank you for the reply!Can you help me again?What point should I choose? (I don't know, I mean - I foreign buyer. I need to purchase and send my order in my country)What point should I choose?1. order thisor 2. self-purchasingor 3. ship to Chi2011-10-31 06:19
A:About your question, you need to choose "1.order this". When you choose this, our buyer will buy it for you, then it will shipped to our warehouse, when we receive it, we will check it, if there is no problem, we will save it into our warehouse. When you see your order's status is "in warehouse", you can make shipment and pay it, then we will ship it to you.
Q:HI! I haven't the button "the automatic catch function on the top of our website". What can I do? And, why more my links from my order has been deleted?2011-10-30 09:32
A:Hi, your shopping cart is almost empty is because of upgraded our website. But now we have already corrected this error. Please use your account and try again. As the international gateway problem, we can't automatically obtain information now. But we think that maybe, it will be ok soon.Now please try to use "Manual fill order". Write the item's informations by yourself. If you still have problems, please tell us. :)
Q:Hello. Do I have make payment before you know if seller has product in stock? What happen if I made payment and seller do not product? Thanks.2011-10-29 11:47
A:Hi, if you want to know if it is in stock before you make payment, you can leave message or send e-mail to us before pay order, give us the link and ask if it is in stock. If you made payment, and then seller said they don't have product. Our buyer will tell you in message. Then you can choose other links or cancel this order, you can leave message for our buyer. If you want to cancel, we will refund for you.
Q:Hi. I am locked out of my choobuy account. I cannot remember my password. Please help! Mai Thao2011-10-16 03:07
A:Hi, we have sent new password to your e-mail, please check it.
Q:Как заказать косметику Тианде2011-10-14 05:44
A:Вы можете искать на www.taobao.com
Q:你好,我想用我国外的信用卡充支付宝,我用过我的paypal买东西,并且在国外收过货,但是不是通过趣拜,这样可以充支付宝吗?谢谢2011-10-09 06:55
Q:HI, i sent an email asking for a refund (590CNY) i sent it last Monday but until now, there's no refund. Please help!2011-10-05 10:28
A:Hi,sorry,last week we had National Days holiday, so we were out off work last week. We will check your mail as soon as possible. Please don't worry. :)
Q:我想问你们的服务费是怎么样收取的,然后我现在卡上的是欧元,用paypal充值的手续费是怎么样收取?2011-10-02 03:51
Q:Hello. Do you have a fast connection online Skype or QQ? You can make a choice by giving direct links with taobao? Thank you!2011-09-21 02:12

Our qq number is 1417766232, and choobuy_russian is our skype, you can choose one of them contact with us. But they can only answer your question, they can't order items for you, so please order as ususl.

Q:Hi,To me have blocked the payment password.What to do?2011-09-20 04:33
A:Hi, you can write a e-mail to: service@choobuy.com, you need to tell us your Choobuy account and you need your pay-password.
A:Now 1USD=6.3CNY
Q:can someone please reply to my message for this order O20110826000712011-09-09 11:09

Hi, sorry so much, our system have a little problem this two days, and we can't process any order, but now it is ok, so we will process your order as soon as possible, please don't worry, our buyer will answer you in notes.

Q:hi this is anjana n m from nepal i have my own shop and i would like to order clothes from is it ok2011-09-08 01:14
A:Yes, you can order items, we can help you to buy, it is ok.
Q:Polycarbonate for greenhousees2011-09-05 04:19
A:Hi, it is chemical products, maybe we can't buy for you. Sorry.
Q:Gee whiz, and I tohguht this would be hard to find out.2011-09-02 04:14
A:Yes, maybe, it is hard to find out. If you have any questions, tell us please. :)
Q:what's your msn? tell me please.2011-08-11 08:23
Q:do you work on weekends and order products from supplier on weekends? or your operating hours are only from monday to friday?2011-08-06 09:34
We work from monday to friday, but you can order everyday and we will buy for you as soon as possible.
If you order earlier, we will buy for you earlier, because we process order in order.
Q:Please send me a new password, because you said you send it, but i don't ever received it.2011-07-12 05:31
A:Hi, we sent it again to your email. If you still can't find it, please check if it is in the junk. Thank you.
Q:Please send me my password, i can't use the forget function.2011-07-06 06:58
A:Hi, we've sent new login password to your email, check please. Thank you.
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