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Q:I forgot my pay password. What should I do?2011-06-28 07:40
A:Hi, we've sent the new pay-password to your email, check please. If it still has problem, please contact us again.Thank you.
Q:If I order from different sellers on taobao and put it on choobuy cart, does that mean it may not all be bought at the same time? Even if the seller has the stock?Can they be all shipped together if you have all orders?2011-06-21 07:02
A:Hi, we have several purchasers, so your orders may be handled by them separately at random. In addition, different sellers also have different situations. Therefore, we can't guarantee that orders are handled or bought at the same time. But when items from different sellers all arrive in our warehouse, you can choose to ship them together by placing one international shipment.
Q:I added an item I found on taobao. It was in my shopping cart and I can't see it. How do I pay for it now? This is not as simple as you make it out to be2011-06-20 07:54

Hi, please use IE and try again, then click "Pay" button to pay. If it still doesn't work, please contact us again and give us the link of the item, or send email to service@choobuy.com. Thank you.

Q:我买了一件衣服,钱已经付了,但是现在客服说网址失效,衣服下架了,该怎么办啊?2011-06-19 08:30

您好,如果商品下架或没货了,您可以选择更换卖家,或者取消订单,我们会退款给您。: )

Q:how can i use alipay auto payment?2011-06-18 04:54
A:Hi, you need to have an alipay account. Alipay auto payment in our system is to transfer money from your alipay account to your choobuy account or pay orders/shipments.
Q:Hi , how can i submit the address for send the goods to the people. this is the address http://en.choobuy.com/mychoobuy/user/AddressInfo.aspx2011-06-15 01:25
Hi, in the process of submitting shipment system will ask you to choose the shipping address for the goods. We just can't see your address from this link, if you still have problem with it, you can email us to service@choobuy.com. Thank you.
Q:请问“已接单”是什么意思,是已经购买了吗?2011-06-14 04:43
Q:ok what is still not in your Office just Cancel , and what nex step for me to do, thank you the last two goods i see it is Waiting list , but When i click on that , it Take me to the list of taobao Page. thank you2011-06-13 06:48
A:Hi, we've cancelled S2011052900010, and refunded to your choobuy account, check please. Now you can submit shipment for your items in our warehouse, and pay it, then we'll ship them to you as soon as possible. Thank you.
Q:Hi can you Check my order. Because is Already two weeks . what is the Problem that you Still can't send my goods2011-06-13 04:56
A:Hi, do you mean S2011052900010? Because O2011052900024 is off the shelf, we left you message, waiting for your reply, check please. Do you want to change or cancel? Please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you.
Q:能代购虚拟产品吗?比方说游戏卡QQ币2011-06-12 11:24
Q:07.06.2011 20:07:17 GMT +04:00 65M68213377190D no transaction in the account2011-06-10 01:48
Hi, which paypal account did you transfer to? Please give us your choobuy account, paypal account, transfer amount, and unique transaction ID, so that we can check and handle. Thank you.
Q:您好我忘记了支付密码,能不能帮忙发到邮箱?谢谢2011-06-08 05:17


Q:I forgot my Pay Password. Could you please send me my pay password? Thank you,Patrick2011-05-23 09:55
A:Hi, we've sent new pay-password to your email, check please.
Q:can I send some items as gift to USA for my friends?2011-05-19 09:21
A:Hi, yes. And if you want us to write "gift" on the package, please write that request in the "shipment remark". Thank you.
Q:Hi! I have some questions. How do you guys calculate the shipping fees of 30kg package to Australia? Ho do you pack them? and in what shipping methods do you offer 50% discount? thanks2011-05-12 09:52
Hi, please check international postage http://en.choobuy.com/help/ShipPrice.aspx, price on it is already discounted price. To Australia, we advise EMS or Yanwen, which is relatively cheap, fast and available for 30kg. China post(above 2kg) to Australia, the max weight of each package is 20kg. We generally pack items tightly within the paper box.
Q:Hi Please Process my order fast i dont think i will buy it again with you guys are tooooo slow2011-05-02 03:05
A:Hi, sorry so much for waiting, because April 30--May 2 were public holidays, so a little delay. We'll buy for you as soon as possible.
Q:What excxange rate (USD to RBM) do you really use? There are different rates on your different pages:http://en.choobuy.com/help/Default.aspxPaypal Payment"The exchange rate between USD and RMB is: $1 USD = $6.60 RMB."Why Choose Choobuy"As y2011-05-01 05:41
A:Hi, sorry so much, we just didn't update our exchange rate in different pages. Our exchange rate now is 1USD=6.45CNY. http://en.choobuy.com/help/Estimate.aspx exchange rate on this link is the one we use now.
Q:Hi ! Just want to ask you this. "Why does my balance have a negative amount of credit?!"2011-04-29 10:44
A:Hi, please check My Choobuy--> Finance--> Balance Records, maybe some orders needed domestic postage more than 10CNY, so we deducted that little difference from your choobuy account automatically. If you find any problem, please contact us again. Thank you.
Q:can i use different shipping company other than stated here?2011-04-28 02:04

Hi, except those companies on our site, we can also offer FedEx with 60% of original price, and fuel surcharge about 12%. If you still have other companies to advice, please let us know, we could check if it is available. Thank you.

Q:hi i have paid the money but the order is still pending2011-04-26 05:23
A:Hi, because recently there are many orders, so slower than normal. Sorry so much for waiting. We're handling hard now, we'll buy for you as soon as possible.
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